MeticaFM 7 Update Page

MeticaFM7 Software Update Page
To install the software update, you will need the following:
1) The AC Adapter (included) 
2) The USB to mini-USB Adapter (included)
3) An 8GB jump drive (not included)
The instructions for updating the unit are as follows:
1) Navigate to the folder of the appropriate model you have, and copy the respective contents of the folder onto your 8GB jump drive. The update file will be called IFV59A.bin and sometimes it is accompanied with the file called dwlogo.jpg. If both are present, include both files. Do not copy the containing folder, only the contents. Safely eject the jump drive from your computer.
2) Make sure the MeticaFM 7 is completely disconnected from any and all power.
3) Using the USB to mini-USB adapter, plug the 8GB jump drive into the monitor.
4) Plug the AC Adapter into the DC jack. The monitor will power on automatically. Make sure not to disconnect the power or remove the USB while the monitor is updating. Interrupting the update may corrupt the monitor.
5) The buttons on the front of the monitor will begin to flash on and off. The duration of the flashing depends on the size of the update file. Wait for the buttons to stop flashing and remain illuminated for several seconds. 
6) Pull out the AC Adapter, and remove the USB device.
Please note
1) When updating the monitor, the LCD will show no graphics and will remain black. If the monitor boots up, the software update was not performed. Please start over from the beginning. 
2) If the monitor continues to boot up and does not seem to update:
     a) Make sure you are not trying to reinstall the same software that is currently installed. To see this, navigate to Menu>System>Software Version
     b) Make sure the jump drive is 8GB. Currently, the unit may experience problems with other sizes.
     c) Make sure the jump drive is formatted as FAT32
If you have any problems, please email us at or call at +1.888.960.3750
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