K8000S Plus Bi-Color LED Studio Panel 2-Light Kit

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The K8000S Plus Bi-Color LED Studio Panel 2-Light Kit utilizes the highly cost effective F&V Plus LED.  The F&V Plus LED has a very accurate color temperature with a color rendering index of 91. At a 60° beam angle, 1200 Daylight balanced (5600K) LEDs produce a rich, extremely bright beam of light which is perfect for highly critical shoots both in the studio as well as outside under sunlight.

The K8000S Plus Bi-Color comes with two (2) Milk Filters which create a soft, pure light. It also comes with one (1) Travel Case with wheels for easy travel and protection.

More Information
Barcode 109041570231
Manufacturer F&V
Country of Manufacture China
Illuminance 1988 Lux @ 1m 100% Daylight; 2325 Lux @ 1m 100% Tungsten; 4314 Lux @ 1m 50% Daylight & 50% Tungsten
Color Temperature (CCT) Bi-Color 3200 - 5600K (+/- 200K)
Beam Angle 60 Degrees
Color Rendition 91 CRI
Dimming 0-100% Continuous
Estimated LED Lifetime 50,000 Hours (15 years of average use)
Thermal Design Silent Passive Cooling
Power Options V-Mount Battery, AC Adapter, Please note Batteries are SOLD SEPARATELY
Power Consumption 56.47 W Max
Power Voltage 10-18V
Battery Lifetime 82 minutes @ 95Wh V-Mount Battery
Mounting Options Yoke with 5/8" Mount
Package Contents

(2x) K8000S Plus 1x2 Panel Light

(2x) Milk Filter with mounts

(1x) Travel Case with wheels

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