Pro Spotlight

Pro Spotlight: Food Photography with Giles Christopher

Giles Christopher Burger

It’s just about every day that we get bombarded with thousands of food images, whether we see them in a restaurant menu or on Pinterest looking up recipes. This means the need to have a food image that stands out above the rest is pivotal, today more than ever before with the rise of social media and smartphone camera technology. In order to help aspiring food photographers out there, we sat down with professional food photographer Giles Christopher to see what we can garner from his wisdom.

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Pro Spotlight: Multimedia Production with Andrew J. O’Keefe II

All forms of media in one way or another tell a story. Not just "a" story though, they tell "our" story. The upcoming generations will have as their foundation what we pass on. In his bio Andrew quotes "The success of any civilization depends on the continuity between generations." What drives his passion for media is a desire to connect our cultures and generations together through these stories we are telling. Here is a look at our conversation with Andrew regarding his work as a media producer/archivist.

O'Keefe BTS On Set

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